Blur Between Real & Unreal

Welcome to the BLOG of Steve Bradshaw, author of the BLUFF CITY BUTCHER, a new, forensic mystery thriller to be released nationwide August 1, 2012. As a forensic investigator, entrepreneur, and biomedical president/CEO…and now a new, commercial fiction author, I draw upon my unique life experience that serves as the foundation for my brand of fringe-theory mystery thrillers that you can learn about on my official website

THIS BLOG IS WHERE I TALK ABOUT the “real life” pursuit of monsters, biomedical breakthroughs created from wild imaginations, raising millions of dollars and launching game-changing technology, and the perils faced at some of the most horrific death scenes and in stormy boardrooms, both places where the outcome changes lives and futures.

I invite forensic experts, and biotechnology innovators, and authors to join me in sharing professional insights, candid opinions and thought-provoking information on the most current events, wild theories and maybe a peek into the future of the state of the arts. I invite intelligent and curious visitors to learn, explore and to participate in the dialogue with your questions and comments. Together we will expand understandings in a complex world…UNEDITED. I hope to bring into focus some of the blur between the REAL and the UNREAL…the “Jules Vernian” moments.

Finally, some of the topics I will be getting to on the BLOG include but are not limited to: biogenics, human genome and what it means, advances in anti-aging medicine, biotechnological solutions for disease, new forensic methods and tools, some of the most interesting homicides I worked, Cold Cases and Unsolved Mysteries, new CSI techniques, medical-legal jurisprudence, serial killers, crime trends, biotech business ventures, corporate wealth creation, biotech companies to watch, breakthroughs to watch and more. I hope you will join me along the way…

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